Virtual Training to Enhance Performance and Wellbeing

Our training academy is founded on expertise drawn from the behavioural sciences and neuroscience and supports participants in developing skills and capabilities proven to boost both performance and wellbeing.

Each course comprises approx. 3-5 hours of training content which can be undertaken at the participant’s own pace over days or weeks, to allow time for reflection and putting what has been learned into practice. A more detailed overview of each course including specific learning outcomes is available.

De-Stress: How to Befriend Stress and Why That’s a Good Idea

Develop our understanding of stress – both good and bad – so that we are better equipped to spot it, manage it, alleviate it and also to harness it.

Participants will develop your awareness of the signs of stress in oneself and in others, understand stress boundaries and how reaching the ‘goldilocks zone’ of just the right amount of stress has the potential to deliver huge benefits.

Productivity: Manage Your Brain Power to Be More Effective

Develop techniques that will enable focused attention and the use of mind wandering to best effect.

Learn about different states of mind; our monkey, wandering and attentive minds, as well as triggers and techniques to manage or harness each state,
to enhance both wellbeing and productivity.

Thrive: Learn to Weather Any Storm

Learn how to care for the whole self; brain, mind and body and to develop the skills that help us to thrive no matter what life throws our way.

Participants gain insight into the crucial role social connection plays in our health and wellbeing and how combining all of these elements boosts our ability to thrive, manage stress and stay resilient in times of change.

Calm: Regulate Emotion for Inner and Outer Peace

Develop techniques that allow us to regulate emotion and manage anxiety in order to boost wellbeing, resilience and relationships.

You will learn about the nervous system and why certain calming techniques are so beneficial for reducing feelings of anxiety. Participants also build awareness of the emotional self and emotional regulation in order to stay balanced.

Happiness: What it is and How to Find it

Develop knowledge of happiness, what makes happiness, the science behind it and how to achieve it.

Participants learn how true happiness may not be what we think it is and gain insights into how to shift mindset in order to find and maintain true happiness.

Virtual Training to Enhance Performance and Wellbeing

This suite of training has been developed in response to client feedback to address the specific needs of employees in supporting and enhancing both wellbeing and performance in challenging times.


Delivered via our online training portal which can be co-branded to include client logo and accessible via a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Each course is costed on a per month basis and prices vary according to the length of time and number of participants.

Up to 500 people

£1,500 per month

501 - 2,000 people

£3.00 pp per month

2,001 – 5,000 people

£2.50 pp per month

5,001 – 10,000 people

£2.00 pp per month

Over 10,000 people

£1.50 pp per month


“It’s taught me about areas of the brain and this has helped me to understand techniques to overcome stress.”

“It was very interesting and supportive of what we are addressing at the moment, with the pandemic affecting our lives.”

“What I liked best was learning about the ways in which stress can alter and cause issues around the body. How to overcome these.”

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