Science-led learning

Stay Well Webinar

stay well to perform well

In our upcoming webinar we explore how we work to enhance our internal resilience in order to stay well and perform well regardless of what is happening around us.

Minerva’s Deborah Hulme and Jennie Flower bring to life the ways in which we can boost our internal energy, to see us through the most challenging of times.



Perform Well Webinar

perform well

In our November webinar we share our insights and experience of what underpins human performance.

We explore how adapting, responding and remaining agile in a fast-moving world demands greater cognitive capacity, updated competencies and robust strategies for managing distraction and focusing attention.

Change energy

Change fatigue or change energy

In this global webinar we explore how we can adapt to changing circumstances as we build our resilience and develop capability to collectively flourish and thrive.

Minerva’s Deborah Hulme and Dominic Paine share their thoughts, knowledge and extensive experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour as they bring to life the importance of releasing and harnessing internal energy, to see us through the most challenging of changing times.


Brain-Friendly Change

In this webinar we share our insights and experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour. We explore how deepening our understanding of the brain enables us to execute more effective and sustainable organisational change.

This session is for leaders wanting to create environments with high levels of psychological safety. Thereby increasing collaboration and curating the space for people to embrace and embed change more fully.


“I attended Minerva’s neuroscience masterclass several years ago, it has helped me in my career and is still the best course I have ever attended!”

Senior IC Business Partner, Legal & General

“Really interesting insight into the science behind productivity and how everything is connected. We’re now thinking totally differently about team performance and productivity aside from how to manage emails and meetings.”

Central Logistics Operations Team Leader Sainsbury's

Flourishing in a VUCA world

Flourishing in a VUCA World

Today, in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world we can no longer solve problems through rigid organisational systems.

It’s relationships, influence, curiosity, and our ability to harness the motivation and energy of those around us that matter.


Business as a Living System

Our default position is to think of business as a machine and because of that, we sometimes miss the importance of the human element and the human energy within organisations.