Human-Centred Change

Think differently and adapt faster in a changing world

We strengthen skills and capabilities, putting people at the centre of change, for greater adaptability, connection and resilience.


Brain-friendly habits and ways of working support mindset and behavioural shift, strengthening the ability to embrace change.


Modular and experiential in nature our memorable, sticky learning experiences are tailored to suit different needs and time requirements.


All learning content is designed to strengthen the skills, capabilities, and habits necessary to thrive within a changing, fast-moving, agile environment.

The Brain-Friendly Change Programme

Stay Well, Perform Well, Think Well, Engage Well and Change Well can be accessed as one holistic programme (all modules) or as stand-alone (single module) components of the programme.


Develop the skills to thrive in a fast-changing world


Harness cognitive/emotional resources for improved performance


Deliver frictionless change, high performance and wellbeing


Shift mindset for productive, solutions-focused thinking


Engage for enhanced inclusion and collaboration

“Working with Minerva, I was particularly impressed that, when the scope of work changed, they were able to react quickly and adapt. They weren’t fazed at all”

Virgin Media

“The Minerva team provided
us with the means to identify and tackle challenges of rapid growth and help maintain positive mental health and wellbeing for all our people as we grow”

Group HR Director CPMS

The team is amazing. Just phenomenal people. They know their craft and they’re fun to work with.  They had a desire to really please the customer.  I couldn’t have imagined a better working relationship with anyone.


Think Differently, Adapt Faster

A Human-CenTred Approach

Our human-centred approach to change and transformation integrates existing excellence in business change with the best from the behavioural and social sciences, impacting mindset, energy and behaviour for sustainable high performance and wellbeing.

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About Us

We are experts in Human-Centred Change.

We specialise in working with teams and individuals to release internal energy, cultivate resilience and adapt faster.

​Our multi-disciplinary team partners with organisations to educate, support and coach the mindset, emotion and behaviours essential for continued productivity and wellbeing in a changing world.


Habits and how to break them

Habits and how to break them

Habits and how to break them We now understand much more about habits.  In this blog, Deborah Hulme explains how habits are formed in the brain, why they are so difficult to break and how to break them. Our brain automates as much as possible so that we can function...

Managing Personal Energy: Sleep and how to do it better

Managing Personal Energy: Sleep and how to do it better

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