Brain-Friendly Change

Jun 17, 2021

This Brain-Friendly Change Webinar is delivered by Deborah Hulme and Nick Smith.

Deborah is Director of Minerva Engagement, specialists in applied neuroscience for high performance and wellbeing and Nick Smith is Director of business change specialists, Epion Consulting.

Deborah and Nick share their insights and experience of organisational change and the science of human behaviour and explore how deepening our understanding of the brain enables us to place wellbeing at the centre of our change programmes and contributes to successful and sustainable organisational change.

This session will be of real interest to leaders wanting to create environments with high levels of psychological safety and to ensure that their people are able to embrace and embed change more fully and by viewing this webinar participants will:

  • Understand why failure to address wellbeing / psychological safety fundamentally (fatally) undermines change initiatives

  • Learn about approaches and tools to build wellbeing and change capacity

  • Explore ‘Brain-Friendly’ change – integrating wellbeing into change methodology to enable successful change and sustained performance