Imposter Syndrome programme

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Normalise, challenge and reduce the impact of imposter syndrome
Imposter Syndrome manifests when there is a mismatch between who we see ourselves to be and who we think we need to be to achieve our goals. This leaves us feeling out of place, as though we arrived in our role by mistake and that one day soon, we will be found out. The resulting anxiety creates havoc with our system, often leading to a spiral of self-doubt.

For many, the stress and anxieties of the pandemic and the pressure of remote working have compounded, leaving a feeling of daily exhaustion, which can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy in the workplace. During the Imposter syndrome workshop, we learn what fuels imposter syndrome and how to re-programme neural pathways for a more positive and realistic view of self.

By completing this programme, participants will:
  • Learn what Imposter Syndrome is, how it manifests and why it is so common
  • Understand the cost to people, performance and productivity
  • Develop the ability to spot the signs in self and others
  • Develop the building blocks to let go of limiting beliefs and choose a different path
  • Learn tools and techniques to dismantle internal blocks and achieve our goals
“An incredible session that blew me away. A really amazing experience within a safe space that allowed for understanding, exploration and many tools & techniques for on-going practical application”.

HR Business Partner – Financial Services


“This workshop really helped me realise I’m not alone…The good news is that imposter syndrome is not a permanent condition. I learnt by acknowledging our feelings, reframing our thoughts, and seeking support from others, we can overcome imposter syndrome and achieve our goals with greater confidence and resilience”.

Senior Internal Communications Manager – Financial Services

Download the Imposter Syndrome e-book

Many of us will experience Imposter Syndrome at some stage of our lives.

Download our guide to explore some of the myths, spot the signs, and learn some dos and don’ts for clearing Imposter Syndrome once and for all.
Our online programme is available for booking below.  We deliver Imposter Syndrome workshops and programmes in a variety of different learning formats as listed below, and tailored to suit individual needs.  Please get in touch with us at to discuss a format that works for you.

Face-to-face interactive full-day workshop


Worksheets & tools for practical application


Practical application planner templates


Branded create your own on-line workbook


Manager introduction and awareness (in-person/on-line)


Tailored general webinar awareness sessions


Keynote address


Coaching & Mentoring Support (individual)